My Maternal Fourth Great Grandfather, Michael Rabe

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My maternal fourth great grandfather, Michael Rabe.

Born: 13 January 1752 in Buche, Pommern, Preussen, Germany.

Married: 8 Jan. 1804 in Jerusalem, Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany.

Husband of Catherina Louisa Mueller.

Children: Frederica, Carolina(Weigart), two infant sons, and Maria Rabe (Kobel).

Died: 8 April 1832 in Buche, Pommern, Preussen, Germany.

Michael Rabe

1752–1832 • 27MJ-PF5


1753–Deceased • 9VZ1-28T

Marriage: 8 Jan. 1804

Jerusalem, Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany

Children (5)   
1809–1900 • LV91-BSV
1816–1817 • LVBL-GN2
1817–1911 • LVBL-RDG
1818–1818 • LVSM-H8C
1819–1819 • LVSM-HXC

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Mecklenburg Vorpammern, Neubrandenburg, Eines Der, Wohnen, Deutschland

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The Province of Pomerania (German: Provinz Pommern) was a province of the Kingdom of Prussia and the Free State of Prussia from 1815 until 1945. Afterwards, its territory became part of Allied-occupied Germany and Poland. The name Pomerania comes from Slavic po more, which means Land at the Sea. The province was created from the former Prussian Province of Pomerania, which consisted of Farther Pomerania and the southern Western Pomerania, and former Swedish Pomerania. It resembled the territory of the former Duchy of Pomerania, which after the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 had been split between Brandenburg-Prussia and Sweden. Also, the districts of Schivelbein and Dramburg, formerly belonging to the Neumark, were merged into the new province. Wikipedia